Portable facial steamer,moisturizer,warm penetrating mist deep clean

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Moisturizer,warm penetrating mist deep clean,whitening and rhinitis treatment

1.Anion steam by utilizing nano technology,which can penetrate into skin for deep moisture retuntion.
2.About 40℃ steam can help to enhance collagen growth,close pores,reduce wrinkles and balance excessive facial oil.
3.Activate water molecule and produce ion.
4.Remove dead cuticle cells,and lead you a glabrous and detailed skin.
5.Improve dry skin,moisten and spring your skin,
6.Deep cleanse is good for skin excretion.
7.Stimulate blood circulation for a fine and rubicund complexion.
8.Regulate alkalescency and acidity and make your skin healthy.
9.Compact and fancy design.

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